Natural Tourist GEO Sites attractions of Iran

Natural GEO Sites of Iran

Iran is characterized by a variety of geological, diverse climates and various geological features and unspoiled nature, with geological phenomena throughout the country such as caves, straits, valleys, fossil regions, meeting valleys, large geological divisions, geological formations, Mud volcano , Cartesian grounds, minerals, sandy pyramids, rocky beaches, ancient mines, and Kaluts are known as the land of geological and geomorphological heritages.

Badab e Surt

Here, one of the most magical springs in the world. Imagine a pathway that has a colorful spring and one of the finest color spectra. Orange, yellow and red colors. It is interesting to know that this spring has different tastes. The surrounding countryside forms the green valleys that add to the magic of this area. Go to Badab Soort to see Nature's masterpiece.

Berenjeh Prison, a natural prison where there was no escape any way! A prisoner where there was no escape any way! Instead of a narrow room and cold vertical bars, There was a deep pit on the mountain slopes known as Mount Tavilesoleyman, which in fact was the crater of the old fountain, and the floor was still fresh water, a kind of prison was closed, not by the hands of the prison guards to the prisoner, and no one could hear the horrible news of the intensification of the punishment To be confined to a person.

Berenjeh Prison
Morteza Ali Fountain and Shah Abbasi Dam

The hot spring of Morteza Ali, with hot and cold springs in a bedriver and alongside each other in this valley is a very phenomenal phenomenon that you will not find anything like that. Among the walls of the fountain of Morteza Ali there are very old graves belonging to the Zoroastrians who lived around here many years ago.

The Arched Abbasi Dam, the world's thinnest and highest arch dam, is at the end of the path to this spring that has made this region unique in terms of tourism. There are Petroglyph of goats on path to the dam, which experts know as more than 7,000 years old.

Turquoise Neyshabur Mine is considered the oldest turquoise mine in the world. The mine is the largest turquoise mine in terms of production, as well as the oldest active mine in the world. The mine has been active for all these 7,000 years and has been regularly extracted.

Blue, Noble and Aristotle ... These are the traits that are used throughout the world for the best Iranian stone. Iranian Turquoise is well-known in the world, which is used to measure the quality of other turquoise. This gemstone is used as a scale. The oldest of the turquoise Neyshabur mine is a calf shaped like a calf, which is about 7,000 years old and is now being kept at the Museum of Ancient Iran.

Turquoise Mine in Neyshabur