Wetlands and Lagoons of Iran


About Wetlands-Lagoons of Iran

Wetlands-Lagoons of Iran. Of the 42 types of wetlands identified by the Ramsar Convention in the world, except one type of wetland, the turbograss, the rest are found in Iran, which indicates a large variety of Iranian wetlands. Also, lots of wetlands Iran is very large due to the size of the country and the range of their dimensions vary widely, so that their range varies from less than a few hectares to more than 500,000 hectares. More than 84 internationally recognized wetlands have been identified, of which 33 wetlands have been listed in the 22 conventions, with a total area of ​​1481147 hectares, to the Ramsar Convention and are subject to the provisions of this Convention.

Why the Miankaleh Lagoon?

Miankaleh Lagoon is an international Lagoon and is considered one of the 12 biosphere reserves of the earth.

Iran's bird-watching paradise, and rare birds from around the world can be seen in this area.

Nearby are some of the most beautiful and fascinating attractions of Iranian nature such as Naz Plain, Miankaleh Peninsula, Ashooradeh Island.

One of the important and valuable habitats of water birds and drought in our country is considered.

One of the most beautiful Wetlands Landscapes in Gilan is Anzali Lagoon. With an area of ​​about 20,000 hectares in northern Iran, located in Gilan province. The Anzali Lagoon is considered to be one of the coolest and largest natural habitats of Iranian herbivores, and is home to a large number of birds coming to Iran from northern neighboring countries each year. Anzali wetland is not comparable with any of Iran's wetlands because of its geographical location due to its high humidity and water quality. This lagoon is a spawning site for aquatic animals and sheltered by native and migratory birds