Top Drinks in Iran for Tourist

Top Rated Drinks List in Iran

About Traditional Drinks in Iran

Traditional and natural Drinks and Beverages are an important part of the food culture of Iran, which, in addition to eliminating the thirst and providing the essential nutrients and vitamins of the body, also according to ritual bondage with many religious and national occasions, it is considered a cultural symbol for different ethnic groups of Iran. Each of the cities of Iran, based on its geographical location, climate, and vegetation, has unique foods, drinks and sweets that can not be found elsewhere in the world.

While traditional Iranian drinks and beverages, besides having a lot of benefits to the body, can prevent the harm of carbonated beverages and mills. There are many traditional herbal and traditional drinks in the Iranian culture, each of which has many properties.

Drinks are part of the culture of nations and represent the cultural behavior of the people who have historically been historically and scientifically created them. The composition of the materials used in the drinks and beverages and the attention to the process of their preparation, production and maintenance are among the items that can be considered as indicators for identifying the tastes of cultures. Hence, in this article, we have provided a list of the best Iranian traditional drinks and beverages.