Becoming a

Community Coach

Introduction to Community Coaching

There is no course for qualifying as a community coach. To become a qualified community coach you must practice the habits of what a community coach does. However there are workshops which explain the principles and meaning behind the need for community coaching... a ramp if you like to get you on the road to practicing the community coaching role.

What does a community coach do then?

A community coach must be by default, 'finding their own way'. So what does that mean?

  • Choosing to create a path in life which works for them
  • Accepting the responsibility for 'finding their own way' which means accepting the risks that come with this choice. i.e. being resilient when faced with being told you can't do this or that, or, that if things don't work out, finding alternative options. Accepting that the buck stops with me.
  • Helping others to find their own way.
  • Complete understanding that the only right way is that, there is no right way.

How do you become qualified as a community coach?

Qualification is not a test or an exam but a demonstration through doing and taking action. So as a SW Herts Community Coach you would have done something similar to what is listed below

  1. Be finding your own way
  2. Hosted a number of Community events where you have created a space where people are free from the pressures to meet the needs or expectation of others
  3. Shared what 'finding your own way' actually means and that it is an available choice
  4. Explained the associated risks you accept when you take the path of 'finding your own way'
  5. Helped others actively to seek 'Finding their own way' if they wish to
  6. Encourage others to develop the skills needed for those 'finding their own way'
  7. Share and endorse the Community Coach guarantee

How can you connect with other Community Coaches

To find out more and to enquire about how you can progress your interest in Community coaching please complete the appropriate box on the contact us page.

Also there is a Facebook Group which you can request to join... becoming a community coach