11. 7.2022




The International Pharmaceutical Summer Camp is an event with a very long tradition and history, first organised exactly 25 years ago by the Slovenian Pharmacy Students' Association .

This year, the camp will be held in CŠOD AJDA, Libeliška Gora near Dravograd, which is in the region of Koroška, Slovenia.

The camp is intented for students of Pharmacy and related sciences from all over Europe.

The theme of the 24. International Pharmaceutical Summer Camp is "THE WORLD OF HALLUCINOGENS: PSYCHEDELICS". Its main purpose is for students to gather information about what psychadelics are, how they work and how they affect our body and mind. We will organise educational lectures and workshops, as well as various gatherings, sports activities, social evenings and competitions.


“IPSC is a great mixture of interesting lectures and workshops, place for making new friendships, visiting new places and amazing parties. We were always busy but never tired, everyday we were doing something new. This was really the highlight of my summer vacation, and I will definitely try to come again this year.”

Jelena from Serbia

“IPSC was literally the best event I have ever attended. Full of funny moments, lot of new information, new friends and lot of free time activities like photo hunting, night swimming, and others. Not to forget parties every evening. IPSC is really the best value for money and I recommend it to everyone.”

Štefan from Slovakia

“I am really thankful that I had the possibility to participate in the IPSC in Slovenia! Lectures, experiments, botanical excursions, boat trip, parties, the location, the people… – everything was great and i totally fell in love with the country. I think the organizers showed unbelievable devotion and talent in making this possible!”

Magdalena from Austria