2017 IPNG Summer Workshop

Thank you to this year's attendees!

2017 IPNG Summer Genetics Workshop

This workshop is designed to provide attendees with hands-on knowledge and skills to integrate genomic methods into psychology, psychiatry, and/or neuroimaging research. Attendees will become familiar with widely used and freely available software (e.g., Plink, Haploview, Phase, SOLAR) and online analytic resources (e.g., WUSTL Epigenome Browser, SNAP, UCSC Genome Browser). The workshop will also feature a guest talk from Dr. Jessica Turner.

The workshop emphasizes practical skills. Attendees will conduct analyses with sample datasets and complete homework assignments to reinforce key techniques. Limited theoretical/didactic training is provided; it is expected that attendees will have a passing knowledge of basic genetic and biological concepts, but will not have knowledge of how to apply these techniques to their own research.

It is our goal that attendees will be able to do the following at the conclusion of the workshop:

  • Conduct analyses and manage data in plink
  • Conduct quality control analyses and make decisions about data inclusion (e.g., missingness, cryptic relatedness)
  • Account for population stratification
  • Create LD plots
  • Create genetic profile scores (e.g., using risk scores or from a biologically-informed perspective)
  • Conduct GxE analyses
  • Conduct enrichment analyses
  • Understand the basics of Mendelian randomization
  • Conduct heritability analyses using SOLAR
  • Become familiar with bioinformatics tools to annotate genetic findings (e.g., WUSTL epigenome browser)

Please see our syllabus for the 2016 workshop for more information.

Target Audience: Students, postdocs, faculty members interested in applying genomic methods to psychology, psychiatry and/or neuroscience research.

Size: Limited to 20 attendees.

How to Register

Registration is closed for the 2017 workshop. Please check back next year! To register for summer workshop please fill out the application here. You will be informed within one week whether you will be able to join the program and will be provided with additional details.

All registrations must be received on or before June 1, 2017.

Dates, Location, Costs

Dates: Monday, July 31st –Wednesday, August 2nd (all day)

Location: Room 216 of the Psychology Bldg, Washington University in St. Louis.


WUSTL Psychology Building

One Brookings Drive

St. Louis, MO 63130

Cost: $100 (includes breakfast and lunch each day). This fee can be negotiated in cases of financial hardship.

Travel Information


  • Lambert – St. Louis International Airport



  • Moonrise Hotel: http://moonrisehotel.com/
    • $152 (advance booking discount) - $189 per night
    • Walking distance to WUSTL campus and the Delmar Loop (restaurants, trolley, movie theater, etc.; http://visittheloop.com/)
  • Clayton Plaza Hotel: http://www.cpclayton.com/
    • $132 - $142.50 per night
    • Located in Clayton business district, approximately 3 miles from campus
    • Shuttle service available from Lambert – St. Louis International Airport (6am - 10pm daily)

See, Eat, and Explore

Things to See (walkable from campus and free!):

Things to See (requiring a Metro/Bus/Uber/Lyft ride):

Areas to Explore

Places to Eat (for quick bites or meals, walkable from campus)

  • Snarf's Sandwiches
  • Seoul Taco (Korean-Mexican fusion)
  • Salt and Smoke (STL BBQ)
  • Three Kings pub
  • Mission Taco Joint (in the Loop)
  • Piccione Pastry
  • Sasha's wine bar (in the Demun neighborhood adjacent to campus)
  • Kaldi's Roasters (coffee and snacks in Demun)