LoC-IoT: Localization in IoT Networks

Advances and Challenges

January 5 , 2022 in conjunction with ICDCN 2022


The demand for Location-based services is increasing over the past years. There is a growing interest in developing efficient and reliable positioning systems. With the incorporation of modern localization techniques in IoT infrastructure, devices like smartphone, smartwatch, and smart TV uses location information for better services. Wi-Fi signals for fingerprint localization attract more attention due to the wide deployment of Wi-Fi Access Points. However, the localization accuracy degrades due to the shadow fading effect in the indoor environment, radio interference, time dependence, and device heterogeneity to name a few. Such challenges create a unique opportunity to use different artificial intelligence-based methods and optimization approaches for accurate localization. Device heterogeneity, temporal dependence on RSSI signals, reduce power consumption and environment independence scenarios are therefore key aspects for further advances in this field and present exciting challenges for practitioners and researchers.

The goal of the workshop is to explore the application of new localization and navigation strategies towards improving the accuracy of localization in IoT networks. This workshop will bring together researchers from academia and industry to identify and discuss technical challenges and recent solutions related to these issues.

Topics of Interest:

We encourage submissions on a broad range of localization challenges in IoT domain. Topics of interest include but are not limited to the following:

  • Machine learning for localization

  • Crowd-based enhancing positioning

  • Localization methods for IoT and 5G

  • Artificial Intelligence for local awareness

  • Data fusion for heterogeneous technologies

  • Simultaneous localization and mapping

  • Position-dependent parameter estimation

  • Localization via opportunistic signals

  • Location-awareness for IoT Networks

  • Security and privacy in localization

  • Cooperative localization and navigation

  • Intelligent Transportation Systems

Important Dates and Links

Paper Submission Deadline: August 28, 2021 September 14, 2021

Acceptance/Rejection of Papers: October 5, 2021

Camera-ready paper version due: October 19, 2021.