Ioanna Opidee

Author, Editor, Educator

Photo Credit: Neil Swanson

Ioanna Opidee is the author of the novel Waking Slow (PFP, 2018), which was named a finalist in the multicultural category of the Foreword Indies Book of the Year Awards and called an "arresting, timely" take on sexual assault by the Boston Globe. She has worked as a freelance journalist, has taught writing and literature at various universities, and is currenty a high school English teacher in Connecticut. Her other creative work has been published in The Brooklyn Rail, The Huffington Post, Talking Writing, Lumina, and Spry literary journal, among other venues.

"Again and again I have been stunned by the innate poetry and lyricism in Ioanna Opidee’s prose, and her insight into the human soul; the truth told and wisdom unearthed in her magnificent novel places Opidee at the elevated level of prose making..."

-Da Chen, New York Times bestselling author of Colors of the Mountain and Sounds of the River

“Ioanna’s writing is intelligent and replete with the kind of curiosity that defines the essayist. She is a consummate scene writer and has a keen eye, trained upon subjects we want to look at because of her authorial presence and self-assured voice.”

-Kim Dana Kupperman, author of the prize-winning I Just Lately Started Buying Wings and the novel Six Thousand Miles to Home

"Ioanna Opidee is not only a wonderful writer, but a skilled teacher and a thoughtful, perceptive, detail-oriented editor. She is also one of the hardest working, most conscientious people I know."

-Michael C. White, author of the New York Times Notable Book A Brother's Blood as well several other novels including The Garden of Martyrs and Soul Catcher