The Witch Star Project

is a personal and therapeutic work of expeditionary art & design promoted by


NHS Foundation Trust

Community Mental Health Services

Merrydown Park Hospital

East Sussex Recovery Centre


- which has stated that 

The Art Therapies Unit (ATU) offers a range of both formal and informal services.  And while our formal one-to-one art therapy is by referral only - usually through a GP or through your care coordinator - our informal Art Room facilities are open and available every day (except Sundays and Mondays) to Recovery Centre members.  We provide a variety of art and craft materials for members to express themselves through therapeutic creativity. We also offer a variety of open (as well as limited access) workshops on Mondays and Wednesdays.  For our informal services, the Recovery Centre does accept self-referrals: However, due to a high level of demand, we’re not accepting any new self-referrals at the moment. Please check with us again next month for further information about the self-referral process.


Since the mid-1980s, several members of the ATU's Witch Star Project have been attempting to persuade Channel Four Television to broadcast one of its videos (that would contain a hidden message).  Such a broadcast  would then radiate out into deep space and be sucked into a black hole that would then hurl it back through time into the crystal ball of Nostradamus who would then translate our group's hidden message into a prediction for our members to successfully pick the six winning numbers in next week’s National Lottery.  Or something like that.

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