A united "VIP" voice for independent research and teaching at UCPH --- on the board - bestyrelsen since 2020.

Mission: All researchers ("VIP") at UCPH, from PhD to professor, have been represented by Inddrag Forskerne! - Involve the researchers! on the UCPH Governing Board since 2020, through elected members Jesper Grodal and Pia Quist, with Pia replacing Eske Willerslev in 2021. (There are only 2 VIP spots on the 11 person board.)  

Our core value is that the main focus of the university should always be independent research and education, and have also pushed for a larger researcher role in the running of the university. United and forcefully we have stood up when those values were threatened, and also, through dialog and hard work, found solutions with the rest of the board.

Since 2020, we have met regularly on Zoom, e.g., before university board meetings and at times of crisis, consulted across UCPH, including meetings with Academic Councils and HSU, and in many other ways worked for you.

Our team consists of 18 experienced researchers from across UCPH. We have also, as something new, formed a support group of PhDs and postdocs, coordinated by Albert Sneppen, Nena Batenburg, Frederik Klausen, and Boris Kjær to help us with the work.

We have won some battles, but several are still ongoing. We have stuffed the board’s common “action list” with bullet points, many of them follow-ups to our 2019 program

Burning issues 2024-27 include more stable conditions for PhDs and Postdocs, focus on stress reduction, as well as a continued focus on core issues such as leadership by researchers not bureaucrats, academic freedom, better hiring procedures and tenure, and an administration built around servicing and easing the burden of the scientists, not vice versa.

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