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Invisalign; Myths Debunked

It has been almost 18 years since were introduced to the concept of Invisalign. The seemingly magical alternative to braces has been in the global market for quite some time. It was way back in 2000 that Invisalign was made available to general patients. Even though it didn’t receive much of an embrace back then, it did grow in popularity over the years. Today there are over 2.6 million people all over the world that use Invisalign for straightening out their teeth.

In terms of figures, that can be considered as quite a significant improvement.

However, as unbelievable as it may seem, there are still many people that are hesitant in accepting the disruptive technology. And a part of the reasons may because of the natural resistance to change.

But another big part of it is because of the many myths that are doing the rounds regarding Invisalign treatment.

Experienced cosmetic dentist in Las Vegas Dr. Richard Racanelli from Stunning Smiles of Las Vegas has had many patients who were not ready to use Invisalign for their teeth distortion just because they believed some myths. To ask Dr. Racanelli a question about Invisalign, click here.

One of the most common myths regarding this advanced treatment is about its availability. A lot of people think that it being a seemingly miraculous treatment for teeth issues wouldn’t be available locally or for their specific needs. However, we can now confidently conclude that when it comes to Invisalign Las Vegas has a whole range of cosmetic dental clinics offering the treatment under the expertise of some of the most experienced Summerlin dentists such as Dr. Richard Racanelli.

That said, it is time to clear the air and set things straight. Here are 6 common myths about Invisalign Las Vegas debunked:

1) Invisalign means you don’t get to enjoy your favorite foods anymore

Food consumption is a huge problem when it comes to traditional braces. And any food that was too crunchy or sticky or chewy was to be completely avoided. Hence you never get to eat popcorn or peanuts or caramel or chew gum when you have braces on.

In the case of Invisalign though, you are supposed to take off the clear plastic aligners when you’re about to consume food or drink anything other than cool water. Hence, you get to eat whatever you want as long you take your aligners off; you can put them back on once you’re done. Clearly, it doesn’t interfere with the kind of food you consume.

2) Invisalign is not as effective as traditional metal braces

Invisalign being clear plastic may appear to be flimsy or less sturdy than traditional metal braces. Besides, they don’t have brackets and wires re-enforcing the support, which again are present in metal braces. However, none of these means that Invisalign is less effective. It is customized according to the teeth of different patients and it snaps on to the surface of the teeth, fitting snugly. This provides sufficient support and re-enforcement to make the teeth move and re-align themselves. Hence, the working of both mechanisms is completely different from one another, but both of them offer equally good results.

3) Invisalign is more expensive than traditional braces

This is a more reasonable myth, considering the fact that the technology is fairly new and the concept is genius. But it still remains a myth. Needless to say, getting treatment for teeth distortion is an investment in your looks. And when you compare the costs of both traditional and Invisalign treatments, they would be almost the same. Sometimes Invisalign may even end up costing less as the actual costs depend on the severity of the distortion, the general body nature of the patient and the duration of the treatment.

4) Invisalign is only for older adults

Invisalign can definitely be used by people of all ages. It does not affect the daily life of any individual and hence can be used by everyone. It is true however that many adults choose to use Invisalign so that they can maintain a cleaner professional outlook. Interestingly, Invisalign has specialized products for teenagers now called Invisalign Teen, that specificallu caters to teenagers with alignment issues. This can help a lot of teenagers involved in sports or public speaking, re-gain their lost confidence.

5) Insurance doesn’t cover Invisalign

This is by far one of the biggest myths that have been going around concerning Invisalign Las Vegas. People often believe that Invisalign is meant for cosmetic purposes only, which makes the treatment ineligible to be covered by their insurance. However, this is not true. Since Invisalign helps correct many teeth issues just like traditional braces, there are many insurance companies that cover the treatment. If your insurance agency covers metal braces, then it most likely will cover Invisalign as well. You can always talk to your dentist about insurance coverage before starting the treatment so that you don’t end up having any surprises.

6) Invisalign works slower than traditional braces and the cost is higher

The entire duration of Invisalign treatment will be estimated on an approximate basis during initial consultation. However, this time period is determined assuming the fact that you would regularly be using the aligners as prescribed without slacking on it. Typically, you are required to wear the aligners for no less than 22 hours every day. You are also supposed to change your aligners every two weeks. If you follow these guidelines without fail, then you will definitely see results within the estimated time period. On the flip side, if you don’t follow the time schedule strictly, there could be delays in treatment time. As far as the cost of Invisalign in Las Vegas, it is relatively the same as the other comparable orthodontic treatments, except that it takes less time and it hurts less. win-win, right?

From a broad perspective, the treatment time for traditional braces and Invisalign would effectively be the same, as long as the rules are followed.

Suffice it to say, Invisalign is indeed a better alternative to braces, but there is definitely no “magical” element involved. It is all about strict usage practices and maintenance of proper oral hygiene. If used correctly, they will offer amazing results at much less the effort and pain that you may need to take in case of traditional braces.

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