Allan McGavin Sports Medicine Centre

Plaza of Nations

Program Details

Clinic Day: Monday

Clinic Time: 6:15 PM

Programs Offered:

  • Run10K
  • Run10KStronger

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Location Address: B103 - 750 Pacific Blvd. Vancouver, BC V6B 5E7

Meet your Clinic Coordinators!

Clinic Coordinator: Midori Handford, Sean Cannon & Julian Cooper

About Midori: Meet Midori Handford. This will be Midori’s third consecutive year with the inTraining Clinic at the Plaza of Nations. Here’s a bit more about her! Midori grew up playing competitive soccer and badminton, and started running consistently to improve her performance in those activities during first year of university and hasn’t stopped since. Midori’s favorite distance to train for is the half marathon. In the past five years, she’s added swimming and biking. Midori completed her first standard distance triathlon 4 years ago, first half Ironman in 2018 and first full distance Ironman in July 2019 in Whistler.

Beyond her leisure time, Midori works full time as a registered physiotherapist at Allan McGavin Sports Medicine Clinic Plaza of Nations. She loves using her knowledge of biomechanics, anatomy, physiology, manual therapy and exercise to work with others to help them move and feel better to achieve their goals. This includes how to keep herself healthy! Want to know more about running footwear? Midori loves talking about shoes too. Along with her co-leaders, Julian and Sean, they have all taken the Running Clinic course “New Trends in the Prevention of Running Injuries” and are eager to pass along their professional and personal knowledge on how to stay injury free and perform better.

About Sean: Meet Sean Cannon. This will be Sean’s third consecutive year of participating in the InTraining Clinic at the Plaza of Nations Allan McGavin Sports Medicine Centre. Some more about Sean: Sean grew up being a horrible runner. He brings this up as it is important to him that he expresses that running is for everyone. If you had asked 14 year old Sean about running, you would have received a derisive scoff. If you ask current Sean about running, he would tell you that it is a community of support, empowerment and realization of goals. This can be from running your first kilometer, to running 10 in a row, and beyond. Sean expresses this to his clients as a Registered Massage Therapist, and works with the client to get them to, and across the finish line.

Since challenging himself to take his run training a little more seriously in the past 5 years, Sean has run over 15 half marathons; 3 full marathons; and completed his first world major marathon in Chicago 2019. Of Sean’s favorite songs to involve running, he would vote for “Born to Run” by Bruce Springsteen; “Take it on the Run” by REO Speedwagon; “Run to you” by Bryan Adams; and “Run Away with Me” by Carly Rae Jepsen.

About Julian: Julian is a physiotherapist at Allan McGavin Sports Medicine Clinic at Plaza of Nations and an avid runner. While training for Vancouver Marathon in 2002, Julian developed iliotibial band friction syndrome which led him to seek physiotherapy treatment and inspired his pursuit of physiotherapy as a career. Julian has been a Sun Run InTraining clinic coordinator for several years. In addition to this Julian has helped lead, develop and coordinate a host of other training clinics and programs. Julian believes his passion for running combined with his personal experience with running injuries and professional skills as a physiotherapist give him an unique ability to help runners achieve their goals while staying injury free.

What can participants look forward to this year with the Allan McGavin group? Information and advice on how to make your running fun, faster, and injury-free! We will take participants on great routes along the seawall, and provide guidance from leaders that not only run, but help with run injuries.

What participants have to say about the InTraining Program at Allan McGavin Sports Medicine Clinic:

"I appreciated the Leaders' knowledge, enthusiasm, and positive attitude. They were all fantastic to run with. A great experience - Thank You!" - Alana, Participant

"Great people & terrific atmosphere! The Leaders were wonderfully patient, extremely helpful and knowledgeable!" - Dario, Participant

"These Leaders were outstanding!" - Yvonne, Participant