Cloverdale Recreation Centre

Program Details

Clinic Day: Tuesday

Clinic Time: 6:30 PM

Meeting Spot: Multi-Purpose Room

Programs Offered:

  • LearnToRun10K
  • RunWalk10K
  • Run10KStronger
  • Walk10K

Registration Link: **Opens Dec 9

Location Address: 6188 176 Street, Surrey

Meet your Clinic Coordinators!

Clinic Coordinators: Stan Narayan

About Stan: I had being a competitive track runner while at high school, running 800m and 1500m. My running stopped for about 17 years and when I hit the big 40 mark I felt that I was missing something in my life. “That was running “ I joined the Vancouver Sun Run InTraining Clinic as a participant, and have never stopped running since. I love to lead and share my running experience with new runners, also to help them to fall in love with being active and getting healthy.

How long have you been involved with the InTraining Program? I have been with the program since 2008

What is your most inspiring InTraining memory? I recall this one participant, and how I helped them run a full 10 Km. It was amazing to see the results of this individual.

Favourite place to run/walk? The trails in South Surrey

What can participants look forward to this year with the Cloverdale group? They can look forward to enjoying their time with us, and feeling good about themselves!

What participants have to say about the Cloverdale Recreation Centre Group:

"Thank you for a very positive, inclusive, and encouraging experience. I'm so happy I joined up and accomplished this on my list! " - Corinne, Participant

"This was my second year training with Jeff (Cloverdale Leader). He has been, and continues to be, encouraging, inspiring, and understanding. He takes into consideration each participant's goals, fitness level, and any injuries/health issues. He always makes an effort to talk with each runner along the way...checking in to see how he/she is doing, offering tips if needed. As well, his sense of humour always lightens things up! I know he makes me a better runner!" - Cloverdale Participant

"Keep up the great work!! A number of us, who initially met through the clinic (about 4 years ago), still run every Saturday morning!" - Donna, Participant