Brennan Park Recreation Centre

Program Details

Day: Monday

Time: 6:30 PM

Meeting Spot: Brennan Park Recreation Centre

Programs Offered:

  • LearnToRun10K
  • RunWalk10K
  • Run10KStronger

Registration Link: Opens Dec 4 (barcode41807)

Location Address: 1009 Centennial Way, Squamish

Meet your Clinic Coordinator!

Clinic Coordinator: Conny Bonthron

About Conny: I am a wife and a mother of an almost 4 year old son. I am very active in running and working out daily. I grew up in Squamish and have been back for 7 years, and love being involved with the community to help others get active.

How long have you been involved with the InTraining Program? I have been involved with the In Training Program for 7 years. I started as a Participant, then moved into a leader role, and now have be the Coordinator for 5 years.

What is your favourite InTraining memory? My favorite thing about the InTraining clinic is to see participants come on the first day and you know they are thinking what did I get myself into, but every week the confidence grows and by the end you see a strong confident runner. Some are even passing us the leaders :-)

Favourite place to run/walk? I love running in the trails or doing the corridor trail linked with trails to keep it different

What can participants look forward to this year with the Brennan Park group? We are moving to an evening clinic and I really excited to get out there in a different environment and see returning faces and new ones!

What people have to say about the InTraining Program at the Brennan Park Recreation Centre:

"I would (and have) recommend the program to any one who asks about it. I am amazed how at the beginning 2 min. seemed almost impossible to run, and now at the last session 40 min. was done and was enjoyable! The whole program is great, who knew I would actually like running, I even looked forward to the mid week training sessions!" - Colleen, Participant

"THANK YOU! This is such a thoughtfully designed clinic. I've been through the LearnToRun10K and the Run10KStronger programs now, and have never had an injury, which is invaluable!" - Kathryn, Participant

"Conny has been an amazing leader these past couple of months! I am grateful for her support!" - Brennan Park Rec. Centre Participant