Bowen Island Community Centre

Program Details

Day: Saturday

Time: 8:30 AM

Meeting Spot: Bowen Island Community School - Community Use Room

Programs Offered:

  • LearnToRun10K
  • RunWalk10K
  • Run10KStronger
  • Walk10K
  • NordicWalk10K

Registration Link

Location Address: 1041 Mt. Gardner Road, Bowen Island

Meet your Clinic Coordinator!

Clinic Coordinator: Joanna Quarry

About Joanna: I am a certified personal trainer with Canfitpro. I love walking and running the gorgeous trails on Bowen Island and sharing the experience with others.

How long have you been involved with the InTraining Program? I have been with the Bowen Island clinic as a Coordinator since 2009.

What is your favourite InTraining memory? Every year is a special experience as Clinic Coordinator. I love connecting with folks from my community and helping them reach their goals during the 13 weeks.

Favourite place to run/walk? Every trail on Bowen are special in their own way.

What can participants look forward to this year with the Bowen Island group? On Bowen we have a great group of Bowen folks coming together to walk/run through the darker, wetter months of the year!

What people have to say about the InTraining Program in Bowen Island:

"Thank you for this super program... I used to love running and have not been able to for some time due to health issues, more children, and injuries... when I used to try alone it always resulted in pain and so I would give up again. This time I feel like I will be able to continue and I am so happy about that. It makes me feel stronger, happier and gives me more energy. I sure missed it! " - Sam, Participant

"It is great seeing participants succeed with their goals. We really have a great group of people year after year! All of us having fun, learning, and staying fit at the same time... What's better than that?" - Robert, Leader