SportMedBC RunWalk Programs

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  • Walk10K - Follows a nice, progressive, change-of-pace schedule that is appropriate for both beginners and experienced walkers. Your workouts will consist of interval training that leads you through periods of brisk walking, followed by an easy recovery walk. The pace of these intervals is relative, and can be tailored to your own abilities and training goals. Ideally, you should be able to walk comfortably for approx. 30 minutes before joining the program.
  • NordicWalk10K – Following a similar training plan to that of Walk10K, this program utilizes Nordic Poles to help participants increase upper-body mobility & strength, as well as improve their overall range-of-motion with every step. Nordic Pole walking is an ideal choice for participants with injuries, chronic conditions, limited mobility, or who may be getting back into a fitness regime after a period of inactivity. It can also be a great alternative to running & walking, if you are looking to try something new.
  • LearnToRun10K – Designed for anyone who is interested in learning to run, or who has not been running consistently for the past three months. The change of pace method of training will have you starting out with more walking than running, but will gradually increase in intensity throughout the 13 weeks of the program, so that you are prepared to safely & comfortably complete a 10K distance.
  • Run10K - This is an intermediate progression for those who would like to work up to Run10KStronger, or for those who are ready to incorporate a faster run pace into their training, but still enjoy the walk recoveries. Your goal for following this program will be to feel more comfortable when you run, and prepare you to complete a 10K with quicker RunWalk combinations. This is NOT a learn-to-run program! If you have not been running for 3+ months, or are not comfortable with a 10K distance then please choose the LearnToRun10K Program.
  • Run10KStronger – This program is designed for participants who have previously completed the LearnToRun10K and/or Run10K program, and/or are already running for 30 minutes per session approx. 3 times per week. Utilizing a change-of-pace method of training, you will work on increasing your endurance, stamina, and speed by alternating between brisk & recovery paced run intervals.

Still not sure? Take a look at this detailed program overview, or ask one of your clinic leaders! Your leaders would be more than happy to help you select which program is best suited towards your abilities and training goals.