Bonsor InTraining Clinic - Spring 2000

The InTraining program found its origins in what is now one of the world’s most popular community-based 10K events – The Vancouver Sun Run. Although a relatively unique event when it started 34 years ago, it now attracts thousands of runners every year – just under 40,000 people were registered for the event in 2018!

With the popularity and participation in this annual spring event on the rise, organizers & local health practitioners saw a noticeable increase in the frequency of running injuries. It seemed as though a good number of the participants were first-time racers, and many hadn’t properly trained or prepared for the event.

The solution was to provide expert training advice leading up to the race – hence the birth of the InTraining Program! The InTraining RunWalk programs were originally conceived by Dr. Doug Clement, a sport medicine physician and former Canadian national team running coach. They were developed for the beginner runner – a graduated program that intersperses walking with jogging/running in order to prepare participants to complete a 10 Km distance comfortably and injury-free.

In 1996, the 13-week program became the basis for a series of community-based clinics administered by SportMedBC. Clinics were available at local community centres, fitness clubs and running stores throughout the lower mainland. Over the past 23 years, the clinics have been highly successful in guiding 30,000+ people through the tried-and-tested Walking & Running programs under the motivation of SportMedBC’s RunWalk Coach, and resident Olympian, Lynn Kanuka. The Vancouver Sun Run InTraining program is now offered at over 50 different locations throughout the province of British Columbia, and lead by 400+ volunteer clinic leaders.