2020 InTraining Program

Presented by New Balance

In partnership with the Vancouver Sun SportMedBC is in its 25th year of coordinating the 13-week InTraining program for walkers & runners throughout the province of British Columbia.

In addition to the 13-week run/walk training, the InTraining Program emphasizes a holistic approach to fitness & health by providing participants with additional training, nutrition, and motivational resources/support.

Through the guidance of experienced volunteer leaders, participants follow one of five different training programs: Walk10K, NordicWalk10K, LearnToRun10K, Run10K, or Run10KStronger. These programs, designed by SportMedBC’s RunWalk Coach Lynn Kanuka, help participants of all fitness levels to gradually develop their strength & stamina over 13 weeks so that they can train injury-free for the Vancouver Sun Run.

There is no magic potion one can swallow to become a runner, no short cuts, or untold secrets of success. The InTraining Program is a graduated 13-week walk/run training plan which has been designed to ensure that people of all fitness abilities can either begin or continue exercising while keeping their risk of injury to a minimum. This program requires dedication and a certain amount of perseverance. With 25 years of history, and a significant number of success stories along the way, we do know for certain that the InTraining program works!