Intra-Oral Camera to Better Monitor Dental Health

Mouth is the entry point of the body. Its health is pretty much important for the health of the entire body. This is the reason there are so many advancements made in the field of dentistry in order to find solutions of several oral and dental health issues. Such solutions have been helping not only in dental and oral health problems but also in certain overall health aspects.

When it comes to oral and dental treatments, the huge part of any treatment is based on diagnostic strategy. Among other things like dental x-rays and its different types, an intra-oral camera is another best option for the quick checkup of oral cavity.

How intra-oral camera helps in treatment?

The quick answer to this question is that you will be able to know about your dental issue in the best way with the help of an intra-oral camera. A direct look into the oral cavity doesn’t reveal everything. There are many hidden areas whose surfaces need to be looked at. An intra-oral camera can find any issue in the hidden areas. Moreover, the patients can have better understanding about the treatments they get from their dentist when they see photos of the inside of their oral cavities.

Things that can be seen through intra-oral camera

The intra-oral cameras are not new. Rather, the ones we have in the dental offices now are much advanced and smaller in size. In the past, there were used to be the bigger cameras which weren’t quite maneuverable. Now, the intra-oral cameras are very easy to handle. The small head can be used to have a detailed look of every hidden area in the oral cavity. Hence, the camera can detect issues you may be unaware of.


You need to know if the pits and grooves in your back teeth are easy to clean with your toothbrush. Most of the times, they develop staining, tooth decay and cavities because they may not be cleanable. In this scenario, the intra-oral camera can be used to look at the status your back teeth so that the dentist can decide if you need sealants.


Fillings can last for many years. However, there is a fair chance for the fillings to break or get loose due to the extreme pressure the teeth endure. Hence, your dentist needs to keep a check on your filled teeth on regular basis. Intra-oral camera makes it pretty easier.

Cracked teeth

Cracks on the teeth are not usually visible in the dental x-rays. And if any of the back teeth is cracked, you may not even know that you have a cracked tooth. In this scenario, you can ask your dentist to check your teeth with the help of intra-oral camera. That will surely help you know about the exact status of your teeth.