The meaning and main purpose of our action is to realize that, when we buy, we are rewarding the values, the vision and the production style of a company rather than another. We have the power to "vote with the wallet", turning shopping into a very important social action, a deep moment of active citizenship.

However, this laboratory does not want to promote the "best" product or sponsor certain brands compared to others, but we would like to show that there are several different ethics to take into consideration; behind each company and its principles there is a commitment towards something but maybe a lack about something else, and it is up to all of us to choose what we feel like more relevant to ourselves.

In the last 15 years, companies have become more and more sensitive to public opinion regarding social and environmental issues and many have improved a lot in terms of sustainability, transparency and corporate welfare.

So our mission is not about splitting the world into good or bad brands, but we aim to raise awareness about taking an active and conscious part of a process that involves both consumers and companies: if well spread, this process is able to change some way to do business and somehow it can shape the society we live in, according to what we consider the most important values.

With Into The LABel we actually want to enter the label, look a little deeper into a company and its products.