the CANDIDATE's voice

👨🏽‍🌾 Give dignity to the territories characterized by a strong mafia presence, through the creation of autonomous cooperative companies, self-sufficient, durable

👨🏻‍🔧 Give jobs, create positive induced

⚖️ Propose a virtuous economic system, based on legality, on social justice and market

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Official Web Site: Pasta produced in a factory made according to the criteria of the eco-sustainable architecture. The organic durum wheat used for production is sown in the autumn, in full respect of the natural cycle in rotation with legumes, vegetables and fodder. The elimination of foreign herbs is carried out exclusively by mechanical means, without any use of synthetic substances. 1


Sito ufficiale: Pasta Libera Terra is dedicated to all the citizens who, with unconditional love and laborious dedication, show that Italy democracy, peace, hospitality, culture and the arts and the excellence is stronger than the degradation of the mafia corruption and malfeasance. 1

External sources: "Work is the basis of the dignity of the person and this dignity is guarantees by rights, security, fair renumeration. Otherwise we have exploitation if not slavery" (Don Ciotti). 2 Libera Terra and the agricultural soul of the cooperatives that, under the sign of the free association, manage land and structures confiscated from the mafias, involving in this activity of productive revival other farmers in the South of Italy who share the same principles. 3


Official Web Site: The objective of Libera Terra is to valorize the wonderful but difficult territories of Puglia, Campania, Calabria and Sicily, starting from the social and productive recovery of the assets liberated from from the mafia to obtain high quality products through environmental-friendly methods that respect the environment and the dignity of the person. The traceability of the supply chain is high and the role on the territory is active, involving other producers who share the same principles and promoting the organic cultivation of the land. 1


Consortium Libera Terra Coop. Social NPO