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Official Web Site: The company Mission "Good for you, good for the Planet" is to bring good, healthy food to the world, from responsible and sustainable supply chains, in order to monitor the impact of supply chains , throughout the product life cycle, from the field to the table, the Group relies on LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) methodology, taking into account the emissions of greenhouse gases (Carbon Footprint), the consumption of water resources (Water Footprint) and employment of the soil (Ecological Footprint). 1

External sources: However it is still far from the policy "zero waste" because in mixing domestic and foreign grains, which the company operates regularly, It is not possible to control the total essence of dangerous contaminants for cultivation. 3


Official site: the principles of the sustainable agriculture code are applied in the projects of the Barilla Sustainable Farming (BSF) program, which promotes the adoption of new agricultural techniques in strategic sectors in order to protect and to protect not only the environment but also the social and economic conditions of agricultural chains. 1

External sources: within the Group supply chain there are also supply chains that present potential criticism linked to social aspects (child labor or lack of respect for human rights). 3 The company is also lacking in the definition of gender policies designed to promote the full integration of producers and workers in developing countries along the supply chain: although it is known the strong level of discrimination to which women often devoted to agricultural activities are subject, a reflection in order to construct this phenomenon does not seem to have yet systematically affected the work of Barilla in countries where obtains it is supplied with raw materials. 5 Binding requirement for all supply contracts and yet the acceptance by the supplier on the Barilla code of ethics and as an indicator of the positive change started it should be pointed out that the percentage of raw materials purchased responsibly in 2017 increased to 40% compared to 19% in 2016. 3


External sources: Although it has become more and more established over the years by inserting more and more data on the label and in the institutional sites and paying attention along the entire supply chain to ensure high levels of quality and food safety, today the multinational is not yet virtuous in terms of clarity and completeness of information on both the origin of the wheat (foreign percentage, quality, type, etc.) both on the limitations in the use of glyphosate and other pesticides.2 A recent test carried out in various European laboratories by GranoSalus (the association that gathers the producers in the sout and many consumers) points the finger at different brands of pasta, between which Barilla, guilty of contain mycotoxins Cadmium, Don and glyphosate, although within the restrictions permitted by law, resulting harmful if consumed In large quantities and with consistency, especially to the health of the youngest. 4 the results of Oxfam and Next ("The value of the food supply chain", 2015) show that Barilla, although already oriented towards a path of sustainability, still has ample room for improvement in this thematic area concerning the degree of transparency of its activities. 5


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