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🇮🇹 The high quality of Italian coffee, espresso, from 1895. We publish a detailed sustainability report and a code of suppliers conduct

🌳 We adhere to the United Nations Global Compact for sustainable innovation, fighting for climate change and responsible production/consumption

👨🏽‍🌾 With Lavazza foundation we strengthen farmers skills through training on good agricultural practices and the development of entrepreneurial skills

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Official Web Site: With the entrance in the Global Compact in 2017, Lavazza takes part into a network of over 9,000 actors engaged in the promotion of ten ethical principles: respect for human rights, respect for the environment and the fight against corruption. Lavazza undertakes to pursue the 17 objectives of Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations about sustainable innovation, the fight against climate change and the commitment to responsible production and consumption. Adheres, moreover, LEED criteria, Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design: the recognition more widespread in the world of performance energetic-environmental buildings. 1


Official Web Site: The development projects of Lavazza Foundation is focused on enhancing skills of farmers and their organizational structures through training on good agricultural practices and encouraging their entrepreneurial development capacity. Lavazza promotes gender balance enhancing the role of women, has at heart the well-being of its employees, the qualification of the urban area surrounding and the involvement of local communities. Adopting an ethical code of conduct for employees. 1, 2

External sources: Over the years the company has gained more and more importance in the field of coffee, focusing also on respect and care for the products and farmers, ensuring them a dignified life even in countries where the socio-economic conditions are bent. 3


Official Web Site: detailed description of the productive sector, with particular reference to the purchase of raw materials according to international standards and our own; the Purchasing Department has strengthened relations with the Lavazza subsidiaries and further for developed reporting system. It has adopted a code of conduct which suppliers must ensure that their subcontractors as well as any other third party that work on their behalf operate in full respect of the values expressed by the Code. 1,2


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