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🌳 Organic coffee for the preservation of fertility and environmental biodiversity and 100% Fairtrade Certificate, for fairer trade conditions and opportunities for the producers of the developing Countries

👨🏽‍🌾 Our farmers are part of Cooperativas Sin Fronteras: more than 14,000 small farmers in Latin America

🗺 We adhere to the Slow Food project Narrative label, for a clear and transparent communication

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Official site: Cultivating according to the principles of organic means safeguarding fertility and environmental biodiversity. The raw materials of the products, free of chemical residues, are obtained in a biological way and transformed with protective technologies of organoleptic and nutritional integrity. The organic process respects the plants and uses only organic fertilizers. Crops are grown in the shade of other fruit or wood plants that help to reduce water evaporation, soil erosion and protect the plantation from the sun.1

External sources: Alce Nero is a brand that brings together over a thousand farmers who have been producing good food since the 1970s, and that is a result of a kind of agriculture that respects the land. It offers a wide range that also includes a range of Fairtrade products, such as coffee, from the most distant members.2


Official site: Farmers are part of Cooperativas Sin Fronteras: more than 14,000 families of producers in Latin America. 100% Fairtrade Certificate: product certified according to the international standards of Fair Trade. Fairtrade means fairer trading conditions and opportunities for developing producers to invest in their businesses and their communities for a sustainable future.1


Official site: Alce Nero adheres to the Slow Food project "Narrative Label", for a clear and transparent communication. The Fairtrade Alce Nero grain blend is made with arabica coffee grown in the high mountains, in the shade of large tropical trees, by Prodecoop's farmers in Nicaragua and Coop Norandino in Peru.1


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