Our Music

Unique music inspired by commitment

Aida, our musical director, has won a number of international prizes with choirs who knew nothing about singing before they met her. She asks choir members to join in her commitment to work again and again at songs, repeating music so that our unconscious selves absorb the music, whilst Aida encourages us to recognise what needs to be corrected, and how we can achieve that.

She does this using music language that everybody (amateurs and professionals) can understand. We progress together, so that when we sing, we listen to each other, to the sound we make and to her. We have to live the music, not just sing it.

Our repertoire is at present small and growing slowly. It is all arranged by Aida, and is drawn mostly from popular music of the last sixty years, tweaked with Aida's love of jazz. At rehearsal we travel through the colour, balance, intonation, dynamics and above all feel of the song, Whether we are Only Human or singing to the Man in the Mirror, we aim to commit ourselves to the song and its potential, and share with our audiences.

Our Music

We are passionate about singing well. We know where we are going and are willing to give it all the time it needs to get there