If you love singing really well, or think you would, or if you think you can't sing but would love the buzz singing can give, come and try us!

We are open to new singers...even if you think you can't sing, Aida will amaze you, us and our audiences. No auditions.

Contact: Tony or Jan at:

The Bluebell, Stamford 25th July 2017

We would love you to come and try an evening. We don't want to be a HUGE choir, because we want to know and understand and instinctively work with each other. But we like new committed people.

You don't need to read music. You don't need to have sung in a choir before. You don't need to think you can sing. You don't need to work hard between rehearsals. ​​

You just have to want to give it a go and if you enjoy it, to be with us every week (within reason!). We are a lovely, friendly and supportive group.

We are a friendly group that meet each week in Peterborough. We will be happy to see you there! ​

Oh, and it helps if you like laughing, and can cope with a choice of tea, coffee, soft drinks, wine and nibbles at the ten minute break.

We meet in central Peterborough every Tuesday between 8 and 10pm. If you join us we ask for £15 a month to cover Aida's expenses and to recognise what she gives us, and, at times when we have choir costs, a contribution to them.