About Us

We believe we are unique: a choir that is open to all and aspires to a level of professionalism rarely seen in the amateur music world.

Aida Vidan

Our inspiration, task driver and chief source of laughter is Aida Vidan, our amazing musical director. Through her we have come together to be inspired, to work hard, to understand our music and each other, and to learn to sing in ways we never dreamt of before we met her. Aida believes there are no bad singers, just bad musical directors, and so she welcomes everyone, and helps us all to discover our ability and what a group committed to her way can achieve. ​

We aren't rushing to cover lots of material: what we do, we want to do well. We will take everyone with us if they want to go where we are going....​

As a small choir, we meet in someone's kitchen, so there are no venue costs. You may meet friendly dogs and the occasional cat on a Tuesday though.