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The most transformational of the series. A chameleon of moods, textures and innovative transitions. Unobtrusive. Excellent for yoga, massage and background music. Particularly inspiring for modern dance.

Please send me more copies of Tranquility as soon as possible; I need them fast!! Thank you! Your music is wonderful! -- J.B, yoga instructor, NC

Thank you for sending me your music. I have used it while I practice, and have found it to be restful and relaxing. I will share your music with some of my students and teachers at my Center. -- Patricia Walden, the Yoga Journal

Using your music in my classes has been wonderful! Thank you so very much for making it! -- J.S., yoga instructor, OR; purchased over $100 worth of Tranquility for use by her students

Thank you for your music. It is soothing and uplifting. I will post your flyer in my studio and certainly recommend your music for relaxation. -- M., yoga instructor, OR

Charles, I love Tranquility and so did my yoga students. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! I can't wait to use these new tapes with my Jin Shin Do clients. -- S.M.P., The Body/Mind Connection, CT; purchased Namasté, I of the Storm, and Prana after hearing Tranquility

We played Tranquility during my wife's pregnancy, and it helped her immensely. Now, when we play it for our newly born daughter, it calms her right down, and she drifts off to sleep. You should seriously consider advertising your music to be used in this fashion. -- K.&T.C., OR

My dogs and I have music playing throughout the day and so enjoy listening to your music. I first heard Tranquility playing in a little health food shop. I asked what it was and purchased it shortly after. It is wonderful and I highly recommend it to my pet sitting clients. I must admit that not everyone is very open minded about the healing qualities that music has on pets and people. But I am working on them. It is my honor to offer your CD on my website as an affiliate through

My dogs thank you also! They are rescues (Pomeranians). My Emma has had such a hard life and yet is the most loving spirit you could ever meet. Henry was the last of the litter that no one wanted. That is my gain, he is a sweet gentle little dog. Music is a blessing to us all, so you have already helped my efforts without realizing it :) Best Wishes -- Marion, Fairee Poms Pet Sitting Service