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The most unmetered of the series. The culmination of my efforts. Excellent for stretching, intimacy, massage and breath work. Unobtrusive. Centering. Best choice for background music. Due to its unmetered nature, possibly the only CD effective with Tai Chi. -- Charles Sorgie

Hi, Charles. I received Prana in the mail today, and I guess you could say, I also received prana! The CD really is very effective, not only for stretching, but as a mood changer. I received it on Friday, and I was having one of the worst days of all time. The music calmed me down in about 30 seconds. Besides, I just like the music itself.

I love the deep, drone sound that's on it, and even the key that it's written in seems to have a special effect on the mind. The sounds just seem to go directly into the spine and help let everything go. This is synthesized original music using the sounds of orchestral instruments. It is melodic, but very calm, spare, and anchored by the deep sound of a drone. This is my #1 favorite stretching CD. The sounds just pull you into the stretch, letting you go deeper than ever before. The music puts me into a calm, relaxed state within seconds. From there, I can really breathe, stretch, and easily go beyond my former limitations. If you are a shallow breather, and having trouble getting more energy and expanding your breath, you must get this! -- Rosetta Magdalen, Blue Diamond Dance

Once again, I really enjoy the music, and wish you artistic as well as financial success. -- P.H., yoga instructor, CA

Prana makes me go into a very deep state of meditation. Thank you. -- J.C., yoga instructor, CA

Prana is the ONLY music that I can use with my Tai-Chi practice. Thank You! -- A.H., OR

I heartily recommend Charles Sorgie's music! I use the Prana CD regularly in my yoga classes. My students often get copies for themselves. There is a lot of "New Age" music out there but little of it truly inspires me the way Charles Sorgie's music does. And even less lends itself so beautifully to devotional practice. Bravo! -- K. Thos. McGann, DC, yoga instructor

Although it was many months ago, I still fondly remember the time Mr. Sorgie helped me really listen to "Prana," on a good sound system, with headphones, in a comfortable chair, with no distractions. It was one of those rare occasions (which I usually only encounter in dramatic natural settings, or on spiritual retreats) when one's mind is allowed to slow down, then fostered in transcending to another realm. I don't know the technical aspects of Alpha waves, but I do believe the music did something joyful for my brain patterns. -- Steven E., AK

Outstanding Massage/Meditation CD

Believe it or not, good massage music can be hard to find. For me, it should be aurically interesting enough that it is pleasant to listen to during a massage but not so demanding that it distracts you from what you are feeling. This CD fits the bill very well. I would recommend it for meditation for much the same reason. -- Jeff Mills, San Diego, CA

A Must-Have for College Students

I'm really looking forward to this new semester. Not only because completing it means I'm just one more year away from getting my bachelor's, but also because I have a secret weapon: Charles Sorgie's "Prana." With this cd, I'm pretty confident that I can handle anything this semester can (and will) throw at me.

Understand, of course, that I'm not into yoga (although, admittedly, the idea intrigues me). I consider it an accomplishment when I can muster up the motivation to exercise. So, you ask, why am I reviewing a cd geared toward yoga enthusiasts? Because THIS cd focuses on calming the breath. As I understand it, "prana" means Breath of Life. Believe it or not, this cd lives up to its name. On the night I received it, I listened to it before going to bed...and slept better than I can remember sleeping in a long time. It also helps with stress, a good thing when one is facing the demands of college and work, among other things.

Bottom line? This is good stuff. I highly recommend it, and am looking forward to using it throughout this semester (and those to follow). =D -- Stephanie Snyder, Raleigh, NC