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The most classical of the series. Uplifting and musical. Excellent for yoga, massage and dance.

You are my favorite New Age composer, and Namasté is my favorite New Age CD of all time! -- V.W., OR

Thank you for Namasté. I use it in my yoga classes and enjoy it. -- M.L., yoga instructor

Charles, your Namasté album is beautiful. Please select another for me. In the mean time, I will introduce Namasté to my class. Enclosed is payment for whatever album you choose. Thank you. -- M.B., yoga instructor, MA

Thank you very much for the gift of Namasté. It is very beautiful, and my students enjoy practicing to your music very much. You should become as famous as Yanni or Kitaro! -- Monica Veneziano, Yoga East, MA; purchased fifty copies of Namasté for use by her students

We brought a dozen tapes with us to the hospital for use during the labor of our first born. We played Namasté ten times. Wonderfully relaxing New Age music for classical folks. Thank you. -- P.&V.H., classical musicians, Portland, OR