Geko Moth - The design and Building

Why the design? The philosophy behind the Geko project was to produce a design of moth that was freely available to anybody to use and could be improved over time. The design it’s self isn’t revolutionary, more of and evolution, and is meant to be a design people can work from to build their own boat rather than a project to build the next big thing. This site is the response of people asking about the boat and design. Hopefully it provide a quick insight into the Geko design and a more in depth look at the building techniques used to build her. So why call the boat a Geko? Well the original design was drawn up in Menorca during summer 05 and we had a pet Gecko call Jeremy who lived on our bedroom roof. The spelling was so when people searched for Geko on Goggle rather than Gecko they would find the boat rather than 3000 sites about lizards!