In The Park [Safari edition]

Aug 8- Aug 17, 2024

Nakuru, Kenya, Africa 

Travel for good. 

Go somewhere beautiful. Be safe and connect with locals and solo travelers. Watch yourself grow and love as you help others.

Embark on a transformative journey to Nakuru, Kenya, where you'll experience the warmth and generosity of local communities, immerse yourself in the natural beauty of the land, and witness firsthand the power of your actions. 

Connect with yourself, others, and the environment as you volunteer alongside locals, learn about Kenyan culture, and explore the sights, sounds, and scents of this vibrant region. Leave a lasting legacy and make memories that will stay with you long after your trip is over. Join us and discover the magic of Nakuru.


📍 Where:
Nakuru, Kenya, Africa- View Map

⏰ When:
Aug 8- Aug 17, 2024

🛖 Group Size:
4-6 people 

🌳 Investment:
$1899 Double or Tripple Occupancy 

Contact us for Single Occupancy

Early Bird Discount: $100 off early bird discount for booking in full by July 1

Payment plan available

Deposit: $1,000


My mission is to empower individuals to embark on Iife-changing journeys around the world. In The Park is founded on the belief that travel is about personal growth, building connections, and making a positive Impact on the world, just like parks that connect people across various parts of the globe. 


We offer comprehensive travel planning and support, including assistance with visas, transportation, accommodations, and cultural experiences. We even give tips on what to wear, medicines to take, and help you bargain! We are a text away while you are there. In The Park works closely with trusted local partners to ensure that our travelers have a safe, enjoyable, and impactful experience in Nakuru, Kenya which is approximately three hours outside Nairobi, Kenya.

Why with us?

Female traveler, Cherie, personally visits each destination to establish connections with trusted locals, ensuring that all travel experiences are safe and secure. By fostering organic relationships and prioritizing traveler well-being, we create a sense of community and encourage exploration with confidence and peace of mind. 

Do Good in Kenya for 10 Days

Without Flights: $1899**

Check out Detailed Itinerary Here

Housing + Food + Water Safety + Wifi + Local Host

Delicious Homemade Food 3x a Day

Change Lives with a Thoughtful Project

Head to Nakuru Park or Safari (Optional)


Fun Souvenir 

If you want to get a practical but cool souvenir you can wear both in Africa and also America, grab a sweater for $55 with standard shipping to those in the USA. This may take up to 15 business days so the sooner you order, the better!
Please add your name + address at time of payment. 

Want to help but cannot fly? 

Donate 1 table in your name for a student I've personally met.
Or more than one if you are feeling generous.
Please message with your name if you want it painted on the table.