Internet Speed Test

Check Your Wifi Speed Online

An internet speed test can let you know a lot about your internet speed, both in terms of its speed and download size. Internet speed tests can be conducted for free on our websites , or even by contacting your internet service provider (ISP). But in order to get good reading results out of these tests, you need to be able to interpret and understand them. After all, if you're not a technical person or don't fully understand the data given to you by the speedtest website, you won't get the best reading from it.

Most internet speed test websites will display your results as percentage rates, such as " Download 100 kbps files in 5 seconds " Download average file size megabytes per second ". They usually cover several aspects of your internet speed, actually, but they are particularly concerned with speed, which is what we're interested in. They typically list down your internet connection type, your internet service provider (ISP), the geographic location of your router, and your computer's IP address. They may also indicate what other components (such as spyware, adware, cookies, etc.)

To interpret the speed test result as accurately as possible, you need to look at more than just the speed reading results. Even if a speed test website says your internet connection type is dial-up, your actual speed may be much higher than that indicated on the speed test. It's important to also check the time frame and duration that the speed test has been running. Many internet service providers have different minimum connection time requirements, which can make a difference on how accurate the results of a speed internet test are. Lastly, if you see "uneven speed readings", it means that your internet connection is unbalanced and requires adjustments to be brought into a level that is more balanced.