Adaptable room for teaching - 100m² - Bogotá

An adaptable room for the students and teachers to gather. Since the room must be suitable to do multiple activities at the same time, special attention was made to the acoustic conditioning, maintaining at the same time, an affordable budget. Interior Design in association with Pavilion Arquitectura

Antonio Nariño Chapel 140m² - Bogotá

The chapel was built inside a school hosting around 70 children for a ceremony; the challenge was to maintain a sense of calm and serenity with this capacity or with few or only one user.

The space conveys the feeling of being embraced by a large solid natural and at the same time light mantle, to achieve this sensation we worked with natural wood, stones and fresh light.

New Building Politecnico University - 3500m² - Bogotá

The client's brief required to design of a flexible layout to maximize the use of the space. The design encourages the use of the communal areas as social spaces where everyone can stay for a short or long period, transforming areas from communal living areas to private rooms through the use of flexible furniture, multipurpose surfaces, and long-lasting and neutral materials.

Hands-on Learning concept design

The school of the future must encourage passion, curiosity, imagination, and perseverance in an environment that promotes emotional intelligence, cross-cultural skills and digital literacy within an ecological mindset.

The new hubs must have the ability to transform and mutate over time, accommodating the environment to different educational and social experiences, with multi-functional and dynamic spaces.

The proposal is an autonomous unit that can join or separate from others, adapting to the needs of the community. Is designed as a container with a structuring network on the floor that holds the technical networks while freeing and guiding the space for transformations.

Each unit consists of five specialized spaces suitable for various types of individual and collective learning accessible from a perimeter circulation.

Art Academy design concept

A new building proposal for an Art Academy. The main goal is to have a ground floor open to the forest and a neutral surface for multiple show activities of the Academy; the rest of the building is designed with modular spaces to open or enclosure following the needs of the workshops.

Luker experience concept design

A place designed for culinary experimentation with cocoa, a space for product exhibition and for a pleasant meeting, an immersing experience through the aroma, the colours, the texture and the process of the cocoa seed.