Renovation Rue Clignacourt Apartment - 70m² - Paris

When the family grows and more dogs and joy are added to the life, the space should reflect that happiness.

The task in this case was to refurbish half of the flat, bringing in more openness and light.

The main work focused on the kitchen, knocking down walls and opening up this area to make it relevant while connecting all the rooms.

Renovation Rue Bachelet Apartment - 55m² - Paris

There is always a hidden beauty behind layers of transformations in a place. The request for this apartment was to refurbish it as a single space but make possible different activities: rest, cooking and painting.

The work mainly focused on removing the ceiling to add extra height while revealing the beauty of the old structure, also removing the existing walls to let the natural light flow until the end of the space.

Arbos Apartments - 600m² - Bogotá

Simplicity and sophistication were the design motto for six types of apartments; taking advantage of the height, the light was brought to the interior through reflecting surfaces in collaboration with warm materials and a serene colour palette, we provide a lasting place for tranquillity and serenity day life.

New Dann Hotel - 1000m² - Bogotá

It consists of three types of rooms distributed on seven floors, a spa on the upper floor, and common areas on the ground floor. The design concept is inspired by a sunset in Bogota; it evokes the moment of the day in which the fury of the city is diluted, immersing the visitor in an atmosphere of calmness and lushness through the play of surfaces and lights.