People with chronic illness can benefit from pets! My little Shih Tzu, Lucky and my boyfriend's Yorkie, Luna made some really beautiful puppies in January 2016. There were 6 of them. While I have my hands full with being a chronically ill SAHM I obviously found some extra time and love for these adorable little ones. We were grateful to find good homes and families for each of the pups and really Lucky that our family friend decided to adopt two of the puppies, which means we get to spoil a niece and nephew pup anytime we like!

Sequoia, a pink nose Staffordshire Terrier from Humboldt CA, owned my heart and made me happy for many years, passed on about five years ago. It was still very heartbreaking to lose her, she was my first dog, not at my families house. With her I learned to skills in how to effectively care for a dog in a natural way, without feeding her store-bought kibble, cleaning her with natural soap and tea tree oil, supplementing her with omega-3's when I could afford to. Here is a picture of Sequoia:

So now I have Lucky and I am figuring out the best to take care of him. Every pet has different sensitivities, my dogs seem to be very sensitive to chicken and grains so I've fed them a salmon and sweet potato dry dog food that I bought from Costco. If I was in better health and could afford I would feed my dogs organic grass fed beef, there's a great beef distributor who delivers near me, however it's out of budget for right now. If I could order it I would buy a large freezer and order it in bulk, this butcher can deliver the meat of entire cow. As I write about it I think of going back to a vegetarian diet, since killing animals seems unnecessary and excessive. Goals.

There are several things that I my dog Lucky, benefits from:

1. A diet free of allergens, my dogs are specifically sensitive to grains and chicken.

2. Diatomaceous Earth: especially before and after going outside I put this on his fur, it prevents fleas, and it's inexpensive, and produced without harsh chemicals.

3. Probiotics i.e. Yogurt in his food or as a treat

Pets are known to decrease blood pressure and promote the release of endorphins in the brain.

Dogs and other pets are great for mental health, and overall well-being.