Intelligence Rising

Intelligence Rising is a Strategic Role-Playing game meant to effectively simulate and illustrate the possible paths by which artificial intelligence capabilities and risks might take in the world. It is designed by a group of researchers from Cambridge and Oxford to allow decision-makers to stress-test their assumptions, and develop a stronger sense of the possible impacts and meaning of the gradual development of AI.

Intelligence Rising is still under development. We are currently looking for test players to help us find the best game design. As a test player you are expected to:

  • Select your player character and read the character sheet beforehand (~30 min)
  • Attend at least one game session including debriefing afterwards (~4h)
  • Provide feedback after the game

It is beneficial if you have some knowledge about artificial intelligence, international relations and/or role playing game design, but this is not absolutely necessary. We are aiming to set up games between players with similar knowledge levels. As log as you're interested, you are encouraged to fill in the interest form, and we will try to match you with others at your level.