The report summarizes a nine month process in which the behavioral health workforce in the “safety net” primary care clinics of the state was surveyed and analyzed. In addition, the academic programs in the state that train workers to provide behavioral health services in primary care was surveyed to determine the inclination and ability of the state's training infrastructure to produce workers to provide behavioral health clinicians in the future. The report suggests strategies for developing the workforce based on current and future needs, training capacity, and projected program developments in primary care practices.

This plan was developed using the insights and recommendations of the Workforce Assessment Report by a group of stakeholders from across the state and from academic, clinical and administrative organizations. As was true with the Assessment Report, the development of the plan and its implementation are supported by the Endowment for Health in New Hampshire. The plan is made up of several discrete tasks that are arranged in the order in which they will be undertaken. Each task is being done by the team from the Center for Behavioral Health Innovation in partnership with other interested and supportive organizations in the state. The role of partnership on tasks that are still to be undertaken is not closed. We would be glad to hear from New Hampshire organizations who would like to help in this work.