Here you can browse through just a selection of testimonials from past students of the Integral Permaculture Academy.

KS, Croatia

"I feel like I finally got a good grasp of what permaculture actually is!"

YG, Spain

"[I'm] very motivated with this course, it's opening my mind & confirming some intuitions I already had. Incredible...realizing the importance of bacteria, the possibility to regenerate soil already lost through our avarice & lack of consciousness, how we can feel & almost touch this universal connection on our planet. I keep realizing how little I knew, the superficial commitment I had with sustainability, the inconsistencies & dissonances into which I fall many times in my day to day life, in my routines & how much I could achieve. I find myself on the wide edge that separates my old unconscious life (with small lucid moments) from the new life, fully conscious & committed with my planet and the beings that inhabit it."

RS, Germany

"This class came up in the beginning with a lot of familiar stuff which knew already about permaculture design, like the self regulating systems, but during the part about strategies, designs and techniques, this course made me rethink once again all the stuff i believed to know about permaculture, and that is great :)"

BP, Francia

"It's been a whole discovery to see that Integral Permaculture put emphasis on personal & social development. I came at permaculture by reading Bill Mollison, eager to build sustainable & harmonious environments, with respect for nature. If on the way I could learn a little about energies, even better. But I didn't expect something so big, so evolved, so advanced."

MJ, Spain

"Well, in summary: the best cash I've spent in my life! I love everything I've learned, am playing with what am learning in my immediate surroundings. I feel enriched on a personal level & I thank you for letting this be a free process for each of us & for offering us so many tools for completing the learning to the extent that each of us wants to. As for the content of the first module, it has been very enriching on a personal level, it has challenged some of my behaviors & explained some others. It makes me discover things about myself & it moves things about internally, making me reconsider my commitments...I come to realize which is the path to take. I use the e-Book a lot as well as watch the classes a second time...I definitely feel cared for. I've decided to take the truth-pill...I love your honesty & the wonderful group we have, I think that being very varied culturally is very enriching... "

Our students often create beautiful mindmaps - and you can too!

EL, Israel

"Wow!! each time I watch a different class I am thinking "this is the best".... each time I am surprised, cause it is just getting better..... just watch the Soil - amazing and fascinating.

JP, Spain

"I feel so refreshed and happy after the classes... My mindmaps are becoming more and more me-like, and being able to unlock my creativity and my love for learning is making wonders in my mind...a very curious side effect is that I'm becoming de-stupidifed, because I'm allowed to do action learning and be creative about what I learn, so I'm recovering some of the intelligence I've been losing through the years of 'education'..."