It is important for us to make these courses as accessible as possible. If you are really motivated to learn with us and change the world with your new skills and support, beginning with your surroundings, but you truly can't afford the donation we ask in exchange for them, you can begin with enrolling in our most basic course.

Once you're in our online platforms, you can help us with administrative tasks (outreach, translation, graphic design, etc.) and earn Permis (our internal currency) in exchange for your work. These can be used towards studying the more advanced courses or, if you can't even afford that (especially if you're from a country with currency and income levels that make our costs in Euros very heard to reach), just get in touch with us and we'll work something out together. There are many ways to achieve a fair exchange of value.

However, if you can afford this exchange, please remember that your contributions are very, very important and valuable in supporting real sustainability projects around the world, and the people who devote their hearts and souls to making them possible.

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