The Integral PermaCulture Institute

We are sorry to inform you that Stefania Stella Strega Scoz has passed away.

Our activities will be on hold for the time being while we focus on grieving this great loss.

As soon as we can, we will continue with the work to keep manifesting her visions and honor her life mission.

We have also created this Facebook Group to share about her and the any ways in which she enriched our lives, and you are also invited to contribute in honoring her together.

from July 2018

About the Integral PermaCulture Institute

The iPCI exists to:

1) stimulate, sponsor, collate and publish research in all quadrants* of sustainability science

2) coordinate initiatives to support and connect practitioners working on or interested in all aspects of Integral PermaCulture.

* all quadrants of the Integral Model: internal, external, individual & collective

To these ends the Institute curates regular yearly events, which you are invited to participate in organizing, so that the designing together will in itself be a kind of intensive dialogue / course in the topic, as well as a wonderful opportunity to work in an international team on designing exciting events together.


Redesigning Eros

our alternative Valentine's day! Eros is, mythologically, the force that moves us to love, to create, essentially to design anything & everything. But Eros was very significantly downgraded through the millennia, and in this conference we explore why and how to redesign this potentially very powerful mythology. In 2013 we honored Santa Valentina with a conference proposing an alternative Eros to the chubby cherub of the consumerist, romantic love celebration we all know. With the great upheavals in relationships, gender and sexuality happening today, this yearly conference aims to create a space for discussion on these important issues. To participate or to join us in designing it, enroll here. <link coming soon>


Integral PC Month

This new yearly event will start with celebrating International Permaculture Day (IPD, usually on the first Sunday of May) together with our colleagues around the world, and then continue, running for the whole month of May. In 2013 we collaborated with IPD to do the first live 24h event, interviewing one activist every hour, and with this new event we hope to do this more interactively and with more time. To participate or to join us in designing it, enroll here. <link coming soon>


Collective Intelligence

The main stakes for humanity are not hunger, poverty, peace, healthcare, education, economy, natural resources, or a host of other issues, but our capability to build new organizations that are able to provide solutions. Our main challenge is Collective Intelligence. (Jean Fraçois Noubel)

In 2012 we offered the first online conference on Collective Intelligence, and in 2014 a conference all about THE major blockage to CI in all progressive movements, Horizontal Hostility. In this yearly conference we will explore how to design more effectively to increase the first, and eliminate the second. We will dedicate the whole month to this vital topic. To participate or to join us in designing it, enroll here. <link coming soon>