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10 mins ago - Ways to Get more Instagram Followers

1. Post Instagram story more often.

Lots of trends are going viral, and if you are quick, your videos have a much higher chance of going viral as well. Make sure you follow at least 30–50 big, famous account. By following the prominent content creators, you can ensure to stay up to date on trends and immediately react to what you see on their profiles.

2. Use the right and trending hashtags.

According to 2020 Instagram user report, having 9-12 hashtags in a post might be the best amount to choose!

3. Know your instagram followers deeply.

Using tool apps to help you know more about your followers and your interactions. Focus on users that come to you most frequently, interact with them more! Take advantage of the data analyzed by instagram followers. Find out who block you and unfollow them! It's so easy to do on

4. Track all instagram story & posts.

Analyze your history story and posts. Find out the best materials and topic your followers liked most.

Ins Master help you save all your posts and instagram story viewers, it's so convenient!

5. Use follow to follow tool

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