Point Five Films

Point Five Films

Films have a distinct advantage.

With our Wedding Films, you're able to capture long gazes and quiet whispers. You're able to look back years later and remember exactly the way your clothes would sway as you danced. You're able to capture every nuance of your loved ones' voices as they spoke to you.

​Films have the distinct advantage of transporting you back in time.

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Wedding Packages

Silver Package, $2000

  • Full coverage of the wedding ceremony with 3 full high-definition cinema cameras and two videographers.
  • Full coverage of the wedding reception with 2-3 full high-definition cinema cameras and two videographers.
  • Link to password protected, full high-definition rough cut for your approval before final product is created.
  • 3 DVD copies of finished work with custom artwork printed on front and back case as well as on the discs (Blu Ray discs available at $15/disc)
  • Finished film runtime averages between 1 and 2 hours long.
Point Five Films Photography Videography Packages

Platinum Package, $2500

Includes everything from Silver Package as well as:

  • Pre-Ceremony video coverage of Wedding Party preparing for their day. (Getting dressed, talking with family/friends, etc.)
  • Video coverage of events in between ceremony and reception. (Group/family pictures, cocktail hour, walk in the park, etc.)