Juliette and her dog looking at each other lovingly on their front porch

My Mission

Learn to See the World Through Your Dog's Nose

Dog trainers spend only a small amount of time with your dog. It is up to the dog parent to work with their dog daily in order to see progress and success. 

I  empower dog parents to teach desirable behaviors by educating them about how dogs think, learn and express themselves so that they can have the best partnership with their dogs.

Juliette and her dog Charlie sitting together on their front porch

Meet Juliette


Hello, I'm Juliette! My love for dogs started at a very early age but it wasn't until my own dog, Charlie, started to experience some anxiety-related behaviors that I realized my passion. In 2019 I began my educational journey into all things dog by attending and graduating with distinction from Victoria Stilwell Academy and began working for my mentor in Georgia. In 2020, we moved to Fate, Texas where Inquiring Noses Dog Training LLC was born.

I've gone on to become a Fear Free Professional and earned the most recognized title of Certified Professional Dog Trainer-Knowledge Assessed through the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers. My educational journey is neverending as I'm always attending various webinars and taking courses in order to keep up with the latest science in dog training.

I live in a 399 sqft tiny house in Campbell, TX with my dog, Charlie.