Ingeniería en Proyectos Sustentables

Zero Emissions


Create sustainable solutions for the benefit of humankind and environment


Be pionners and reliable in development and implementation of the state of the art solutions for the Sustainable Development Goals

Busnisss Ethics:

As socially responsible company committed with the environment and the sustainability of the planet, we are convinced that there is no economic development without a sustainable planet.

As mankind we have exceeded the natural capacity of our ecosystems to regenerate the emissions and pollulant waste we produce anthropogenically; so, it is our responsibility to generate reliable solutions to ensure the sustainability of our planet Earth.

Ofrecer Soluciones Tecnológicas Integrales de Cero Emisiones y no paliativos, es la prioridad INPROSU asegurando que el cliente tendrá garantizado el retorno de su inversión a la vez que solucionada su responsabilidad medioambiental.

To offer Comprehensive Zero Emissions and non-palliative Technological Solutions is INPROSU's priority guaranteeing the clients invest of return, while solving their environmental responsibility.

We have the solution for your Municipality, Industry and General Service

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