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ISD 199 School Board

Cindy Nordstrom for School Board 2017

  • 8th year on ISD 199 Board
  • Board Chair for 5 years
  • Educator by day, school board member by night
  • 5th grade teacher ISD 196, 24 year veteran

Why am I running for school board? As a person who is passionate about education, I walk the talk. I live in the trenches as a classroom teacher and as a school board member I am involved in setting policy that leads a district. Each position makes me better at the other one. l believe in the direction the district is currently heading, specifically in the areas of...

  • career and college readiness
  • early intervention and preschool programming
  • Inspire, Innovate, Excel... "A Community Commitment"

What have I done in my past 8 years on the board? When I ran for school board in 2009, my goal was to focus on one thing..."improve communications".

  • Internal: gain the trust of the staff and provide positive interactions with their leaders. We hired Superintendent Dave Bernhardson who has done a fantastic job building relationships.
  • External: gain trust in the community that ISD 199 is a wise investment. Using the tax payers dollars wisely to promote a quality education for ALL students in Inver Grove. Below are my Top 3...
      1. Passed the $24.7 million bond for building the new performing arts center, new spartan stadium, improvements to Salem Hills, Hilltop and Pine Bend. Spent money wisely and came in under budget so we could support additional upgrades in facilities (new spartan center, a multi-purpose room for community use).
      2. We offered FREE all day kindergarten before the state started to fund it. (eliminating mid-day bus routes save $$$ to fund the programming)
      3. AVID programming (Advancement Via Individual Determination), gives support to help students develop college readiness skills.

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