Innovate U Academy

Who are We

Innovate U Academy empowers young people to become future innovators while also appealing to their sense of ambition and drive. Our programs are designed to motivate students who are interested in entrepreneurship and solve problems through innovative approaches. It focuses on developing the entrepreneurial skills of young people to become innovative and creative thinkers who are equipped to take on new challenges to solve problems and build successful businesses. 

Our programs

The Young Entrepreneur's Playbook is a comprehensive and interactive self-paced workbook designed for middle and high school students with an interest in starting their own businesses. The program is project-based, allowing students to learn by doing and apply the knowledge acquired in each module towards developing a complete business plan. The program covers essential aspects of starting and running a business, delivered in six modules that are easy to follow and implement. Parents can use the program as a guide to support their children's learning and development of essential entrepreneurship skills in the comfort of their homes.

The Youth Innovator Bootcamp is designed to foster innovative ideas of middle and high school students through a human-centered and interactive Design Thinking approach. This 3-day workshop provides a powerful and practical toolkit for fostering creative and critical thinking with empathy, enabling participants to solve complex, open-ended challenges and problems, and adapt to change as an integral part of their lives.

Our Mission

To empower young people with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to become successful entrepreneurs and innovative leaders in their communities.

Our Vision

A world where every young person has the opportunity to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams and make a positive impact on society through innovative thinking and action.