** Sessions are via Phone or Email **

First Session:

Please review the Resources page to make the most out of your First Session. This is a phone session. During this session I will do my best to answer any questions you have and we will begin balancing an area you'd like to work on. If you're not sure what to work on, we can work on that too! . . . Free

1 Session:

Includes one 30 minute session and follow-up work with regards to an area you'd like to work on. Your follow-up session is conducted without meeting over the phone and as with your first session, you will receive notes for each session. 50.00 . . . Introductory offer: 30.00 (with follow-up)

E-mail Session:

After you have become comfortable working with me, E-mail sessions are a convenient way to get in some balancing throughout the work week. Notes and follow-up are included. 30.00. . . Introductory offer: 15.00 (with follow-up).

Pet Session:

Pet sessions include surrogate work in areas you'd like to work on for your fur baby: These can include physical, behavior, and mood issues. . .25.00 Ph; 15.00 Email Introductory offer: 10.00 Email (with follow-up).


Incorporating the following Energy Modalities, I like to begin working at deeper levels, up: Imagine the task of taking out a huge weed: cutting the weeds down can provide temporary results, but digging the weed from the root-up can render even more permanent results. I like to first check for any soul work that is needed and then work using Emotion and Body Code. I also like to align any energy centers needing such.


Soul Integration work:

Derived from the work of Dr. Modi, Remarkable Healings, the Soul Integration method is a divinely inspired and organized method used to identify and address spiritual attachments and disconnections across times, for the soul.

The Emotion Code:

Created by Dr. Bradley Nelson, the emotion code is designed to identify trapped emotions that may be underlying long-standing emotional struggles. Trapped emotions can be self-created, absorbed, hidden and even inherited down the ancestral line. Emotions can, for example, become trapped in the body from past traumas, bad experiences, and unresolved needs. These emotions can also contribute to negative thinking, self-sabotage, and unnecessary pains.

The Body Code:

Taking a more thorough approach, Dr. Bradley Nelson developed the Body Code System to address underlying energy imbalances in six areas: Energies * Circuits & Systems * Toxins * Pathogens * Mis-alignments * Nutrition & Lifestyle


Reflex & Brain Integration Work:

Derived from the work of Bonnie Brandes, I use various energy balancing methods, such as the Emotion and Body code, to assess and balance Reflex Integration skills.


As I continue to work and learn about energy work, I gratefully receive new insights and Divine direction.