Visualising Peace with Justice:
Narratives of Resistance, Education and Dialogue

The 10th International Conference of Museums for Peace

Title: Visualising Peace with Justice: Narratives of Resistance, Education and Dialogue

Authors: Dr Liz Bowen, Soka Gakkai International Australia; Dr Wendy Lambourne, University of Sydney; Professor Nina Burridge, University of Technology Sydney; Dr Anne Noonan, Medical Association for the Prevention of War; Professor Frank Hutchinson, (formerly) University of Western Sydney; Mr Lindsay Mell, United Nations Association of Australia

Abstract: The Posters for Peace Gallery was created by the Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies at the University of Sydney as a space of resistance, education and dialogue. The Gallery served as a backdrop for meetings, seminars, classes and workshops, providing a collaborative space for learning and inspiration for students and volunteers, local communities and international visitors, including peace scholars, practitioners and activists. This panel will highlight some of the specific posters and the narratives of peace with justice and social meanings that they represent.

The posters depict a variety of themes and meanings of peace with justice, including the use of nonviolence for social change; attainment of human rights and self-determination; respect and recognition of indigenous peoples; ending poverty and socioeconomic injustice; building peace and reconciliation; and protection of our natural environment. Anti-war posters are also represented, along with calls for arms control and disarmament, ending nuclear testing and the abolition of nuclear weapons. The posters also showcase the role of public protest and social movements, and the images and words of significant leaders, such as Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jnr, and Nelson Mandela, who have inspired the world with their courage and vision for peace and social justice.