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Daily Dose of Kuangisms -

Update (1/15)

Your officer team is planning a day camp at the University of Washington on 1/28. Preliminary details:

- Who: everyone in the club

- When: 1/28, 8am - 4pm (please make time to attend the whole time)

- What: A whole day dedicated to Science Olympiad with visits with professors in your event areas, resources at the library, etc.

Bottom line: get a jump start by gaining access to some resources you otherwise might not have

- How: we will either take the public transit (372) there or you'll have to drive yourself (unlikely)

Some may ask, "what can I do to prepare for this awesome trip?". Simple.

Email professors that you would like to ask your questions or talk to about your events. There is a list-in-progress linked on Facebook. Definitely coordinate with the people in your event, because we don't want the same professor getting multiple emails. Thanks!

Additionally, you can find books at the UW and record the location of that so when we visit the library you can go find it.

ALSO, if you have parents who are UW faculty, please bring them, perhaps we could work out a way to check out books.

Update (1/12):

Hello all,

I would first like to congratulate everyone on a successful trip to Curtis. Our second order of business is to get some event reflections in: link is here ( Simply make a copy of it and complete it. When you're done, you can just put it in the same folder as the template (I'll move it out to another location shortly).

Our third order of business is to get to work. As we competed at Curtis, Camas competed at Mira Loma and Bothell competed at the MIT invitationals, both of which play host to MANY nationally-ranked teams. (results for MIT invitationals found here: This isn't intended to frighten or intimidate anyone, but I would like everyone to work now with a renewed sense of urgency.

Finally, in order to thank our two wonderful advisors, I would like to put together a gift basket for them as a sign of our appreciation, also to make sure they don't leave us as advisors :). Please contact Gloria Shen if you have ideas or would like to pitch in.

You guys are all very amazing and so talented, one hour of dedicated work for you may equivalent to 40 hours of a Camas kid's. Keep working hard and refining your knowledge. #onedreamoneteam #beatbothell #crushcamas

Your hard-working president,

Johnson Kuang

Update (1/7):

With so many competitions and different commitments coming up, I understand that everyone is devoted to giving their all to shaping their own future. This is true in my life as well. However, I invite everyone to join me as we revisit the importance of responsibility.

There are things in life that shouldn't be neglected: family, health (mental, emotional, and physical), and your own ambition. I want to focus on this last one and say that there's no obstacle that you can't overcome. The obstacles don't stop you, you stop yourself. Now, as other commitments crop up and you are forced to make a decision, I'd like to tip the scales for Science Olympiad: are you living up to the great potential in each of you?

V for Vikings - We placed 2nd and 3rd at Regionals!

Post Awards Ceremony- Our teams placed 3rd and 10th in the state!

A group photo at Raisbeck Invitationals - #oneteamonedream